Tuesday, July 14, 2009

your taxes are payig for loser to eat Here...What a waste

Perry~"my names rick James"~BITCH
Crooked waiters and crooked owners love your tax money.......right John Pancho Booth Hubert? Fake documents, abuse of power,malicious prosecutor and RElated to the loser PATRICIA BOOTE HUBERT.......ala Chandra Lewis Carringtonwho helped his fraudulent trial.

The record reflects that the trial court heard Gearhart's discovery motion regarding production of the videotape from the arresting officer's squad car and any audiotape of the emergency call made by the convenience store clerk. The State responded that it had no such evidence in its custody or control. The trial court ruled it would permit Gearhart to subpoena any relevant videotapes or audiotapes for trial. Thus, the record reflects that the trial court did not make any ruling adverse to Gearhart. See Tex. R. App. P. 33.1. ~Then where is the states evidence?

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